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Acne Fairy 피지요정

From the Original Story

The folklore states that when children lose one of their baby teeth, they should place it underneath their pillow or on their bedside table and the Tooth Fairy will visit while they sleep, replacing the lost tooth with a small payment.

1.A girl suffering from acne

2.Before she went to bed,she wrote a wishful letter to Acne fairy..and put it in the pillow.
"Please take my pimples, Fairy!"

3.While the child  is sleeping,
the fairy get rid of her pimples
one by one!

Game Summary

Please get rid of your pimples while your child is sleeping!

  • You can only get rid of pimples while the child is sleeping.

  • The background brightens when the child opens her eyes. Stop at this momentarily!

  • You have to go all night trying to get rid of your child's pimples, lighting up the darkness

  • If you get rid of your pimples perfectly when you wake up in the morning, you'll succeed!

Game Elements

Acne Bumps

Fairy character 

Game Geography



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