“Memorial Garden”
(2022.04.25 - 2022.05.04)

Memorial Garden
- MR service that allows you to exhibit your digital heritage
and view others’ after their death to memorialize them.

︎ Video

It is an extended version of Life.After.Life AR application. In Memorial Garden, people can organize their digitalized data and let visitors enjoy the garden filled with memories. With the advance technology of Hololens, people will have a whole new virtual experience and interactions in the garden.

This garden is not merely a virtual exhibition of the dead. It also allows visitors to add their own memories and messages toward the dead. It is a new type of memorial service in untact society.

︎ Interface

The service has 3 main activities: walking around the Memorial Garden, Praying for the dead, watching & making the Biography of the dead.

1) Memorial Garden
Open up various digital heritages the dead have left behind.

2) Place for PrayPut flowers on the altar and write letters to pray for the dead.
3) BiographySee chronicles of the dead’s life.
Add your digitalized data of the dead.


1. Memorial Garden

︎ Harp

Music application - [iTunes] [Melon] [FLO] [Youtube music]

Half-shaped asset linked with music app. If you swipe the strings, the deceased's playlists of favorite songs appear on the wall. They are floating with sound waves, and the user can press the wave to listen to the music their friend or familiy used to listen.

︎ Bird


The bird resembled Twitter's logo, Blue Bird. You can call the bird with one finger motion or a whistle. Then it will fly toward you to sit down on your finger.
Reflecting Twitter’s characteristic, people pouring and spitting words out mindlessely, blue bird will sing out the dead person’s posts, retwits, likes in the air.

︎ Flower Garden


This small garden is a record of the persona’s workplace(Our persona was a social influencer and a youtuber). Each petal is connected to the uploaded videos from the dead’s account. Viewer can spin the red flower and touch the thumbnail of the video they would like to watch.
When the viewer play the video, heart and thumbs-up icons will fall down beside like a rain. In this way, flowers are watered by likes, symbolizing youtuber’s interactions with fans on Youtube.

︎ Pathway

Map application - [Naver place] [Google map]

Pathway asset that reflects Map Application. The dead, also a owner of the garden, can set up their favorite destinations or tourist destinations to share with visitors. Visitors can see various places their dead friend or family have visited.  
Two options will appear on each wood path. People can make their choice by stepping on to a option box. The options show categories of the places so that people can filter out and only see the places they want to know about: tourist spot, must-eat restaurants, etc.


[icloud] [Google cloud] [Ndrive] 

Every I Phone users have certain amount of share in I cloud (Also Ndrive or google drive).
You naturally leave your tracks in there through various digital forms in virtual world. For our persona, Sujin’s case it was PDF presentation file, memo text file, and other various documents she organized for her clothing business.

︎ Fountain


Marbles of memories flowing down: contain photos, live photos(short video), videos of the dead. Each marble reveal memories by projecting photos or videos on the wall. Just like the movie, ‘Inside Out’, viewers can be invited to the world of precious moments of the dead.

︎ Waterfall


After space analyzing, table can be recognized so that the service can place waterfall that naturally blends in with the space and its surroundings. In this case, water flows from the table to the floor, passing down the stairs.
This waterfall contains the dead’s facebook account. When user scoops the flowing water with two hands, Facebook information appears on the surface of the water.

︎ Wisteria


Wisteria flower asset that reflects the color of Instagram. When the user swipes the wisteria flower by hand, leaves shake and gradually changes color from pink to purple. After that, the dead person’s Instagram account appears. It will show her postings, things she’ve liked and bought, postings she’ve saved, people she followed.

︎ Tree

Shopping application - [Smart Store] etc

Tree-shaped asset that reflects the Naver smart store. It is an online market where people can freely buy goods or upload the items to sell.
You can check the store farm assets in the fruit using a pinch motion: picking and dragging. Each fruit that you’ve pulled out from the tree will show an item the dead had sold before.

2) Praying

After seeing the digital heritage of the deceased at Memorial Garden, pressing Praying button on hand will sink down the fountain and bring up the altar on that spot. The garden gradually become darker to show up a night scene.

︎ Putting Flower

The name and date of birth & death is engraved on the top, just like a gravestone in real world. The altar is also decorated with candles, a picture of the dead and petals of the flowers she liked. Visitor can pick a flower from the bush next to the altar and place it on top of the altar. With this pinch and drop motion, visitors can put the flower inside the engravings and pray for her death.

︎ Sending Message

Fill up the ceilings with typography by writing letters to the dead. The message can be written in the air. Then the writer will toss the text to the top to make it fly to the ceiling.
These messages left by visitors will remain on the ceilings of the Memorial Garden like stars in a night sky.

3) Biography

Based on the degital records, Biography of the dead spread out within the analyzed space, just like exhibition. One’s lifelong history appears in graphic letters. When visitors come closer to each typography, related photos or digtial data appears, allowing people to open up the memory of the dead.

Interesting part about this biography is that the visitors can add their own digital data related to the dead, such as school videos where the classmates and visitor herself/himself appear, including the dead.

It’s meaningful as the dead get to have a one and only exhibition about her life time. This biography changes continually, as visitors add their memories with the dead, forming the exhibition together.

︎ Process

Interaction Body Storming

Scenario Sketch 1

Scenario Sketch 2

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