AR Application

죽음 이후에도 디지털 자산 관리 및 추모를 돕는 AR 애플리케이션.
자신의 삶이 가상세계 속에서 구현되어 사후에도 디지털 유산을 경제적으로 관리하고,
새로운 시도의 추모를 진행하기도 하며 현실 공간에 자신의 일생이 전시되어진다.
팀 내에서 기획, 브랜딩 및 UI를 주로 담당했습니다. 

LifeAfterLife is an AR application to help you
manage digitalized data before your death.  

Such life long tracks of you in virtual world
can be exhibited in the real world,
showing who you are, what kind of life you’ve lived.

We’ve came up  with this concept under current circumstances where ‘untact’ lifestyle is shaping new culutre.
The change is also needed in the way we commemorate death.
We need a service to subsitute ‘차례’,‘성묘’, or other anniversaries of someone’s death.
Luckily, we are living in a world with people breathing out digitalized records in every second of their life.
We believe those data can open up a possibility to a new memorializing experience.

How do we manage
our Digital Legacy after death?

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